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How Did Women's Fashion Change In The 1920s

When we listen to the word Fashion our subconscious mind takes us to the modeling. This is the first thought we think about fashion. That models bring fashion to the market. But inner us we all know that the fashion brings by the fashion designer through models are lovely seen on the ramp walk. And 99% of this fashion is waist for normal peoples living in this society.

How Did Women's Fashion Change In The 1920s

Here we are trying to understand the term fashion and How Did Women's Fashion Change In The 1920s. We all love the way we are living and we love fashion that is comfortable for us. As we have discussed in our last post that every woman has a different sense of women. we can find a different sense of fashion in single women. This all we can see clearly that women have the best sense of how they will look at different occasions. Apart from this, every woman wants to see different from other women, and each time they want to see different.

If they have to wear one dress on one occasion then they don't want to repeat that dress on another occasion in a few years. You must be thinking that why we are discussing this because here we are come to discuss the fashion change from 1920 till now. But we can relate today condition from the past.

The 1920 era is also well known to be the wrap era. At that time women must be fully packed. The women with the most packed body will be seen as the most fashionable women. But now we can see today fashion is just opposite to that fashion. This discussion will be long and we have to open our minds to be discussed about fashion.

We can also say that 1920 will be the starting of a new era when women start to think about themselves and this era is also called the freedom era of women. In 1920 women got the power to vote they also start participating in some more athletic sports and start playing an active role in different workplaces too. As their roles are changing in households and society they start taking some new things to their lives. This is the time where they have started adopting fashion. 

Changing Of Fashion From Innerwear

The fashion starts changing from Inside to outside. The inner garments are changing from bulky Knickers to lace lingerie. The big change in women dresses we can see through in further. When the lingerie loo change then women of 1920 start adopting new garments like some short skirts and then ankle-length skirts after that knee-length skirt comes into fashion.

 How Did Women's Fashion Change In The 1920s

Let's Start From The Beginning of the fashion Era

At the end of the 1920s, the world is still struggling with world war 1. This is the conflict that just ended a few years back after which the new era of the human world started. A lot of things change due to the first world war. This war leaves their impact on a lot of fields in society, culture, and fashion. During this big conflict, the world starts meeting with each other and it starts shrinking to all peoples. After these new styles became the simplicity that was never has been seen before in this world. As the world-famous historian fashion writer Jayne Shrimpton said in the 1920s:-

“The development of a more convenient, modern female wardrobe was a major trend of the 1920s and was achieved through the progressive simplification of the dress as the decade advanced – a rejection of formality and multiple layers, in favor of comfort and a lighter, more natural effect.”

This writing make a great effect on society which makes popular tubular long-lasting in the decade. It’s also known as a flapper, new dresses are made daily and new fashion coming into the market for women. In the 1920s waistline dropped and creeping hemlines which start making new fabrics and new fashion with new fabrics covering the market. This also can be easily seen in women's wardrobes. The clothes of the layers are now shrinking. The famous designer of that period Coco Chanel start making a brand on women fashion and launch new for women. 

At this time evening dresses fashion is getting out and new trendy dresses start taking place. New hemlines are launching changing the old hemline. At this time day wear and nightwear are also taking place by beadwork, sequins, and embroidery. All these coming into the light for women. Women are getting addicted to these new hemlines. New fabric like silk with sequins and beadwork coming in daily work. Nightwear is also changing according to daywear. More comfort with lightweight fabric is loved by women at night.

As new trends and new fashion is approaching in the 20s new trend of sportswear for women came to light. At the starting of the 1920s sportswear is only acceptable as casual wear for men but till the end of the 20s sportswear is acceptable by women too. The popularity of sportswear is touching sky high in the 1920s and a separate economy starts running of sportswear of women in the market. Like Coco Chanel, Jane Regny, and Jean Patou has the most contribution to the sportswear market for women. 

At that time tennis was the most popular game for women and that’s why these sports became the role model for the fashion industry. In reality one of the most popular tennis player star Suzanne Lenglen is also the most famous star in the Fashion Industry. She is a well-known fashion designer. She has created short-sleeved, Pleated Tennis Dress, and bandeau was manufactured for her by the most popular fashion Star Patou. Suzanne Lenglen is also considered as the most inspiring person of that decade. She inspired the masses that why she is the target to use the fashion era for women. On this Shrimpton writes “By the late 1920s, following her lead and embracing wider fashion trends, sleeveless, knee-length shift-like tennis dresses were fashionable” 

Fashion In 1920 is all about detailed new trends and look at how women can fashion their body. Both men and women became the target of fashion. When women start absorbing fashion into their lives then men are also trying to look fashionable to women. Then the body is coming out of clothes in society and fashionable clothes are smaller than normal clothes. For this diet, exercises and shapewear come in the market and women tried all the things to look fashionable. This is the time when the sporting look facilitates the skinny bodies with the loss of extra fat. All these changes come in clothing then the fashion came to upwards to hair.then all women at that time take the BOB cut. Bob was the most popular hairstylist of that time. Hair getting shorter with time firstly. Then women start putting their hair long because the Cloche hat is extremely popular for short-haired girls and women and these things became the style statement of that decade.

When all things are going in society fashion designers mentioned above all start their brands and selling their styles in the market from stores and shopping complexes. Some names from those above-mentioned designers are today well known and most expensive brands in their market. By getting fashion in hand women start doing their own makeover at home and wardrobe sizes are also increasing for women. Some styles of that time are simply taking from middle-class girls and the use of materials like silk and jersey. It also understands that this all becoming to be the democratization of Fashion in 1920. 

All this becoming very normal and these cheap fabrics also making women easy to make their own look at home without spending a lot in the market. Spending less and getting more is the main motive in fashion at that time. This condition is read by fashion historian and is also feel at that time of historian. All this is explained in a book by these historians Success Through Dress, The Hon. Mrs. C.W Forester declared, “Dress is now no sign of social status; in fact, rather the contrary”


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