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Fundamentals For Fashion Beginers, Who Are Trying To make Their Own Space...

Women Dressing is so simple apart from it shows to us. 


We have a long term and communication with thousands of women. Our company always does their best because we keep an eye on the market for this we go through a survey about fashion and styling tips. After having a discussion with thousands of women and selling lakhs of products we came out with a few fashion tips for women. 

Now we can discuss some points with you for some good styling tips. Those we have gathered from market women. Those are love with fashion and those who love fashion. 

Hope you will love these little Tips that can help you in some ways then it will be our honor.


Find the Best Emotional touch in fashion for you:-


Whenever you like any person or you get jealous of their fashion. Always ask a question to your inner soul that “What is the most thing you like about them and why are you liking them?”


Do not try to take the fashion statement of that person always try to take their attitude in yourself. Everyone is best in their style but you lose from someone because of your attitude and you look yourself in the mirror. Ask some little question to you


1- What she is wearing is sportiness or not?

2- How fascinating is she looking to you?

3- Is she is an overall cool girl then you?

4- Is she is comfortable in her outlook?

5- Does her presence catching your eyes?


Is duplicating that girl fashion by you will be sociology. Search about everything you like about her before taking their energy into yourself. If you take their energy without studying her psychology about fashion then you will never be happy in adopting new fashion in yourself. You will always have the guilt of copying fashion that is you looking cool or not.


The women who are catching your eyes are doing it best because they are doing in their way. They do not try to duplicate anyone. They are fashionable from inside not outside. Before taking someone's fashion or their positive energy towards fashion always be comfortable from inside. They do fashion to express their feeling of showing the world who they are.


It is the first point for being fashionable but you must understand the main point of fashion. Always be comfortable in what you wear and try to express you not anyone else.


MilkySkinForever Fashion Style Statement


This image is just for explaining to you the thing we are trying to say. As you can see the image there are women with their style. As you can see in the last right corner Kim is considered to be most sexy in her ways. Her dressing sense is different from others always. Apart from her Meghan Markel in Jeans at the middle left corner. Can you notice that element which you are always missing in your life?


Check out these pics and try to adopt the main element of your life that you are missing from the beginning. Be yourself only.

Always wear what you love.


There is various type of peoples in this world. Some of them have a very bad taste in fashion and some of them have incredible taste of fashion. So here we discuss the incredible taste of fashion people. There is always one thing in these people that these people never change their fashion statement. They prepare their wardrobe In their style and what they feel right. They choose every product according to their style statement.


These incredible fashion lovers people have been one of the choosy people. They keep hand only on the best product and those products which can touch their style statement. After all this thing you must have some idea about what we are trying to say to you.


Always be choosy to the product you are choosing for your wardrobe. Your style statement always starts with your wardrobe. If your wardrobe looks fashionable then it will be your first start to become a style statement in your society. To become a style statement you must go through your wardrobe and ask some of the questions we have provided below after watching every product.


  • Wow this dress is so cool
  • Awesome Jeans
  • This dress is like shit
  • I want to through these shoes.


There must be these type of thoughts came into your mind after going through your wardrobe. These questions are very important in your style. If you did not like any product then how it will be yours in your wardrobe. That product is just a piece of shit and making you downgrade by their visibility in your eyes.


Every product in your wardrobe must be with your high-quality choice. This can be done in an easy way to make a note in your hand and write which product you love and which product you hate. These notes will clarify your mind for each product. This also helps you to know your fashion point of view. Which types of product you like or you hate. Next time whenever you will open your wardrobe you have a clear mind about the product you love and how you want to fashion yourself.


There are always some details about every product you love and hate. There are little details like fabric, its color, its orientation, and any little thing you hate about those products. It is your job to understand every product that suits your style or not. That this product can be sitting in your wardrobe or not. These conditions are always there for each product you take home or buy for yourself.


Whenever you start noticing these little things about the product. That is the day that you have to make your style statement differ from society. Start noticing every detail


  • What you are wearing?
  • What do you love?
  • Which type of product you always justify?
  • Which product must be in your wardrobe?


This is the time when you start noticing these little points in your life and your fashion statement will be so easy for you. This will also help you to notice your style patterns. What you like/What you dislike?

Don’t leave anything in your wardrobe.

Always be honest with your fashion statement. If you tell lie to yourself then you will never be the society style statement. This life of truth you can start from your wardrobe. Ask yourself how many clothes in your wardrobe you have tried at least once and never gave them another try. There are a lot of fashion accessories in your wardrobe that is never touched by your side. You have never given them a try to be part of your life. On other hand, there are many products like those you want to get rid of them without trying them once in your lifetime.


give try to all thing in your wardrobe

For being the style statement in your life you must set a rule of your life. That you will always try everything in your wardrobe. Whether you love it or not. This thing is so important by this you can easily know that what you want to through and what you want to keep in the future. In this manner, your wardrobe will be also automatically organized. In every wardrobe of women, there are two types of products Diamond and others are shit. Diamond always in front of the wardrobe and the shitty products are lying in the back of the wardrobe.
You must try these shitty products once before deciding to through them out of your house. Many times these shitty things just change to diamond by pairing them with the new thing. You can also make a new combination as an experiment to know the product is shitty or it turns to diamond.

You must focus on your present wardrobe before going to market and collect more shitty products in your wardrobe. These things will help you to know your style and which type of fashion person you are. By experimenting with new products you will get some new things that can be suit you and this will also bring some change and confidence in yourself.

Here is one more point we can discuss. You must wear every shitty product from your Almirah. Just give them a try for at least full one day if you feel any excitement in that product by changing the combo or by changing your style. Then you will start loving that product. If there as any second thought for the product then through it out of your house in seconds. Don’t give them a second chance to take place in your wardrobe.

By doing these things you can see changes are coming in you and your wardrobe. Your almirah will be clean and there are products which you can wear giving any second thoughts.

Accept and Search For about your body figure

 Be your model always never underestimate yourself. Your most valuable fashion accessory is your own body. Yes, your own body is indeed your ultimate accessory of fashion and you are your canvas.

Before getting some new fashionable things for you always try to understand your own body. Searching for yourself is the most important thing in the fashion world.

  • Which Fashion Will Suit You?
  • Which Dress will be the best?

These are the most important question in everyone's mind before getting ready for any task. It is our insecurities and fear of our body figure. This fear kept us always away from the fashionable world. These insecurities are always with us at every time and these fear and insecurities always kept us behind in trying new things and experimenting with new fashion.

Before trying new fashion we should know about our body it cos and pros. This specification will help us to know that which type of figure we have and which products will suit us.

Don’t do these things in knowing your body.

  • Not to try to make it wrong
  • Searching for mistakes to look better.
  • Trying to look anyone else like your IDOL

Understand your body shape is

  • Learn about every inch of your body
  • Figure out your body figure what will translate your clothing meaning
  • It will help you to finish a frustrating shopping experience and it will help you in shopping for the best product for you.

You never choose your body it’s a beautiful gift to you by the universe. Always make it special in your fashion. You never change your body it changes according to your age. You can only change your fashion according to your body. At the time when you will understand your body, you will love to work with it.

The person who knows their body they also always know that

  • What is best for them?
  • What will suit them?
  • How to praise it for everything?


Always Have Best Dressmaker or You…



This tip can help you in making your wardrobe more fashionable at the best rates. The dressmaker will help you to get your best dress and in cost within your wallet. A dressmaker will help you to make your discounted wardrobe fashionable. For these things you just need some knowledge of fashion.



Sometimes you did not like to spend on some dress but from your deep heart, you need it badly. In these conditions, a dressmaker will help you out. Just you need good fabric and the best dressmaker. Who can stitch that some dress for you in the budget?




Always Have Best Dressmaker or You…


Many times dressmakers will also help you to make your shit transform into a diamond. For example, if you had a pair of jeans and you get bored you can simply go to the dressmaker and ask him to do some new experiments on those jeans. These experiments can also be done on your shirts, skirts, and many other things lying in your boring wardrobe to be transformed into a fashion statement.




Try Bright Colour Accessory With Neutral Colours

Absorbing new color in life is difficult when you are playing with neutral colors from starting. As we know been fashionable is to easy but in this format, we have to do many things out of the box. If you have the habit of neutral colors than this tip is really important to you and it will be the most difficult tip for you. In this, we will discuss adding bright colors with neutral colors.

If you don't know neutral colors then let us give you quick information about neutral colors. Neutral colors are those colors that we use when we are stuck with bright colors. In this range, some most common colors came in which there are no colors like beige, black, brown white (some shade of white).

Bright Colour With Neutral Colour

Now you know to which colors we are talking about. Yes, this is a new experiment in your life and wardrobe. This will also help you to know something new things about yourself. For starting you can do this with small things like a bright color bag, Shoe, or earrings. It can be anything else it can be earrings, scarfs, or hair clips.

These things work because bright colors give extra shine with neutral colors. This tip will help you to steal the limelight in any position.

Bright Colour With Neutral Colour

This will be easy like wear neutral colors and have bright color accessory with it and you will be colorful Style is Ready.

In the beginning, it will look odd but at some time you will start liking this and you will start new experiments with these color schemes.


To Be Continued New Points Will Be Added Soon

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